Learnings and ideas for performance analysis in the community game

Learnings and ideas for performance analysis in the community game

Gavin Vaughan shares learnings and his experience as Scotland Analyst for the community game. Talking about implementing analysis into meetings, culture and in game, and how to do all that using a smartphone or tablet.

With the access to technology increasing and there are affordable solutions that can be built into the workflow, and many ways a phone can be used. On the use of phones in the Scotland training environment, Gav said:

“At national level, smartphones and tables are used for instant feedback and hot reviews to the teams. Gavin Vaughan

“It could be tackle technique, goal kicking, isolated skills on giving immediate feedback and looking at improvements as a coach. “

Video and performance analysis can either be done one to one or Gav suggested that if you were to be out with another player, to take turns in kicking and analysing each other. Gav added:

“Smartphones and tablets aren’t used enough for this kind of instant feedback and analysis.”

On the webinar, Gav talked in detail about how to implement performance analysist into your game and what to look for. Some of the examples included:

“You could analyse the half time team talk, who is standing up and leading the talk and how messages are incorporated between them. Analysing the referee of the game and looking at how they ref the scrum or the way they like to be spoken to. Looking at this will get marginal gains and this can make the difference against opposition.”

Watch the full webinar with Gav Vaughan online for more insight into his position, recommendations on software and kit and he answers the million-pound question… What stats help you win?

In a series of coaching webinars together with Tennent’s, a range of guests share experience, ideas and learnings for the club game. The series features topics around coaching, analysis, team culture and more.

To catch-up on previous webinars and be the first to know about upcoming dates, visit the Scottish Rugby Training Hub. The Scottish Rugby Training Hub is available to coaches, match officials and those involved in the club game in Scotland. Sign up at hivelearning.com/scotrugby using a Training Hub Key from your Club Coach Coordinator or by emailing us at [email protected].

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