Keeping connected with BT

Keeping connected with BT

Scottish Rugby principal partner BT support the game from grassroots to the national team. During the Autumn Nations Cup, our teams worked closely together to use technology within camp to keep connected and within our analysis.

Lead Performance Analyst, Gavin Vaughan talks about how BT have supported the national team in improving delivery of performance analysis. BT provided products for using in camp including Ipads that allow coaches and players to work through live feedback, devices for our players to call fans and home and screens for facilitating team and group meetings.

“This technology has really helped increase our connectivity with the players particularly throughout the lockdown period. As well as other departments such as the social media department for connecting with fans.”

“I think technology has advanced so much over the years and we are so reliant on instant feedback. It is the best way of making corrections and processing information so the ability to use ipads at training providing little instances where we can adjust or adapat. Also looking at the opposition on the move is vital to the modern day workflow.”

With technology ever changing, our teams work closely together to adapt to new technology and use that to ultimately help on the pitch:

“It is always trying to stay ahead of the curve as well and anticipate what is coming next in the technology space. Which can ultimately help us win games. That’s what it comes down to at the end of the day. The ability to help us be in the best position to win a Test match. It’s staying ahead of the curve on that.”

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