Living in the USA: Scott Murray & Chris Cusiter

Living in the USA: Scott Murray & Chris Cusiter

On this week's Official Scottish Rugby Podcast Al Kellock and Rachel Malcolm are joined by former Scotland internationals Scott Murray and Chris Cusiter, who are both living in the USA. Scotland's National Clinical Director Jason Leitch also provides an update on the progress being made to restart rugby.

Scott Murray and Chris Cusiter, who used to share a rugby pitch, now live within two hours of each other on the west coast of the USA.

Cusiter owns his own whisky business, while Murray has just been appointed co-head coach of San Diego Legion.

The duo talk about their lives in the USA and reflect on their playing days in Scotland. They also tell us which Scottish players they've been most impressed with and why Scottish rugby is in a good place.

"I'm very excited about Scottish rugby now and not just the way we're playing but I think the depth of players there are as well is way better than it used to be, there are young kids coming through. I think Jamie Ritchie is absolutely brilliant. It's great to see and great to watch." - Scott Murray

"We can't get the games live, so we try and pick up the highlights. There are still a few guys there that I played with. I love that club [Glasgow Warriors] and I love the city, so I keep an eye on it. I love watching Ali Price who was there when I was there in the Academy, he did his ACL in my last year. I love watching George Horne play...he's unbelievable, his support lines, speed and fitness. He's a cracking player." - Chris Cusiter

Jason Leitch is also on this week's show to provide an update on the recent meetings which have taken place between Scottish Rugby and the Scottish Government.

Jason Leitch: Sport has a crucial role to play

Scotland's National Clinical Director talks to Al, Rachel and Jamie McMillan about the current progress being made to restart rugby and the challenges which lie ahead.

"We've only been in this for three months [COVID-19], we're coming out the other end. We're all impatient about what that will look like. We all want to get back to the coffee shops, the cafes the Indian restaurants and to play sport and to watch sport. So that's coming, but we're going to have to do it in steps. I think we'll get back to training quicker than we'll get back to contact games and we'll get back to practice games in smaller groups before we get back to competitive U13 rugby. But we're going to have to do that in a staged way just like the elite version is going to have to do it in a staged way." - Jason Leitch

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