Q&A: Ben White

Q&A: Ben White

Get to know Scotland's newest cap, Ben White, who made a try-scoring debut against England at BT Murrayfield on Saturday.

What is your earliest memory of having played rugby?

My parents taking me down on cold Sunday mornings! I was going to a small school near where I lived at the time and some of my classmates were going when I was about six or seven, so I went with them and loved it. I did Saturday football and Sunday rugby for a while, but just loved rugby, loved the way it was played and how you could express yourself.

Who was your favourite player growing up?

Watching Greig Laidlaw, the way he played and what he brought to the team as well was exciting. Playing at Leicester, some of the scrum halves that were there like Harry Elllis were really cool, and we were all different styles so that was good to try and take bits from all of it.

Who has been the biggest influences on your career so far?

Geordan Murphy. He was a fantastic help and the way he saw the game was amazing for me to learn off, and the way that he spoke about it was really exciting.

What’s the best stadium you’ve ever played in?

Playing at Racing 92’s stadium (Paris la Défense Arena), indoors with the lights and theatrical element of it was cool.

Who’s the best player you’ve played against?

Finn Russell, I played against him for Leicester against Racing and it was crazy. He was awesome! So good, just with his variety.

What’s the best piece of rugby memorabilia?

My first shirts that I’ve kept from making club debuts, they mean a lot because it’s what you dream of and that hard work is rewarded in getting those shirts. My dad keeps more of my stuff than me to be honest! When you’re playing you’re always looking at the next thing. Now I’m here, I’m so excited about that and it’s all about trying to get capped, and that would be the big one. That would be amazing.

What pre-match music do you listen to?

I’ve actually stopped listening to music in the last six months because I want to embrace the fans and the whole experience. I used to get hyped up and listen to music but now I just like to be present and take in the atmosphere, because I feel like it’s something you take for granted when you’ve been playing and the day I retire I’d think “I wish I hadn’t done that” so I just try to enjoy being at the game.

What’s the best way to spend a day off?

A nice dog walk, maybe playing a bit of golf. I’m also studying interior design so doing a bit of work as well. I love being busy and being active.

If you could eat anything as a treat, what would you go for?

You can’t beat an Italian, can you? A nice pizza or something, can’t go wrong.

If you could be successful in any other sport, which would you choose?

My other half is a professional tennis player so I’m going to with tennis, just because I’ve seen so many of the athletes and people and it’s amazing to see what they do. And just with it being an individual sport, it’s so different to how we are so it would be an experience. But it would be hard!

Article from the Scotland v England Match Programme on Saturday 5 February 2022.

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