Scottish Rugby Schools Week | Cartha Queen's Park

Scottish Rugby Schools Week | Cartha Queen's Park

​182 young people. Four schools. One big Scottish Rugby Schools Week event!

On Wednesday 23 March, Cartha Queen’s Park hosted 182 boys and girls from four local high schools to take part in a round-robin rugby tournament as part of Scottish Rugby Schools Week.

Pupils from St Andrew's RC and Shawlands Academy were joined by St Paul’s High School and St Thomas Aquinas RC, who are both involved in the CashBack School of Rugby programme.

For many of the young pupils, this was the first rugby event they have participated in since the Covid-19 pandemic began.

Speaking at the event, Adam Campbell, P.E teacher at Shawlands Academy said: “After having two years of very little physical activity, the young people have missed out on a lot. To be here today and give them the opportunity to play again and connect with a local rugby club is just fantastic.”

Following two hours of rugby fun in the sun, the pupils were welcomed back to Cartha’s clubhouse for refreshments and invited to take part in training with the club later that evening.

Cartha Queen’s Park Development Officer, Aird Jardine led the delivery of the festival.

“Scottish Rugby Schools Week has been a great opportunity for our club to open the doors to these four local high schools,” said Aird.

“Hopefully having the pupils here can help establish new community connections and bonds with our club. It’s been great to be able to have them along and simply get out there and play rugby.”

Andrew Lamont is a Rugby Development Officer with Glasgowlife in partnership with Scottish Rugby and works with all four schools who attended the Cartha Queen’s Park festival.

“The fact that these young people have had the chance to turn up to a rugby festival, which they haven’t had the opportunity to do for quite some time is great,” said Andrew.

“This event through Scottish Rugby Schools Week really seems to be helping us not only engage with the pupils, but with teachers too, and it’s helping everyone build professional relationships which can be taken forward.”

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