1872 Cup Special Podcast: Stuart McInally & Ryan Wilson

1872 Cup Special Podcast: Stuart McInally & Ryan Wilson

Edinburgh captain, Stuart McInally and Glasgow Warriors co-captain, Ryan Wilson join Chris Paterson, Al Kellock, Rachel Malcolm and Jamie McMillan to look ahead to the return of professional rugby in Scotland this weekend.

The duo talk about how they've been preparing for Saturday's 1872 Cup match at BT Murrayfield and both players admit things have looked a bit different over the last few weeks.

Stuart McInally, said: "It's just so different to what we’re used to in terms of how we prepare, obviously nothing is allowed inside BT Murrayfield, everything is outside. Hanging around in between sessions is done outside, there are areas outside the gym where we can hang out and maintain distancing. It's just different, but at the same time it does feel normal in a way now that we’re back training and properly again."

Ryan Wilson, added: "We’re doing our meetings outside like I'm sure the boys at Edinburgh are, so we have to stop every time a train goes past. You know what it’s like Al, they give you the old toot of the horn and Danny just stands there just shaking his head, it's just another little thing that reminds you we’re not back to normal yet since were having to wait for a train to go past. I'm pretty sure they just honk their horn just to really get us going."

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