The importance of hydration, with Lara Wilson

The importance of hydration, with Lara Wilson

Drinking more water is a daily goal for many of us, but just how important is regular hydration to Scotland’s rugby players?

In association with iPRO, Performance Nutritionist with Scotland Women Lara Wilson shared some techniques her team uses to ensure players are drinking enough in a COVID safe environment.

“Hydration is important for everyone, not just elite athletes,” says Lara. “Adequate hydration is essential for many bodily processes to take place, including carrying nutrients to cells, immune function, waste removal and it can also have a big impact on our cognition and mood.”

The challenges thrown up by the COVID pandemic have also led to more careful thinking about the sharing of water bottles and equipment.

Thankfully, Lara and the Scotland Women’s team have a method in place that helps to ensure safe hydration at all times.

She says: “On a match-day we've made sure that they each have their own individual hygiene bottle with a number assigned to it which corresponds to the number assigned on their shirt.

“A big benefit of doing this means that we can also individualise the hydration strategies to that specific player, for example any flavour preferences they may have.”

Taste is another factor that has to be considered, with each player’s specific requirements catered for.

Lara added: “Having a drink that’s tasty and the players enjoy can increase the desire to drink which ultimately helps us in optimising a players hydration status.

“A big benefit of using the iPRO Hydrate range is the variety of flavours in which it comes in including Berry Mix, Citrus Burst, Mango and Orange & Pineapple.”

Scottish Rugby use iPRO as they enroll all their products into Informed Sport. This ensures that they have been batch tested for substances banned in sport and are safe for athletes to consume.

To hydrate like the Scotland teams head to and pay less than £1 per bottle for a premium, healthy hydration drink which is packed with vitamins and plant based sweetness in a 100% recyclable sports bottle.

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