Ireland v Scotland

Ireland U20 59-5 Scotland U20

Scotland finished their 2022 U20 Six Nations campaign with a heavy defeat to Ireland this evening at Musgrave Park in Cork.

Scotland Under-20 last game of the tournament saw U20 Ireland’s prop, Jack Boyle open the scoring. The hosts put the first points on the board after playing only metres from Scotland’s five metre line, they finally pushed the guests back, with centre Charlie Tector successfully converting the ball.

Ireland Under-20’s came out strong, scoring in a second try just moments later, this time from Fionn Gibbons, who crossed Scotland’s try line with no conversion.

Scotland showing their relicense and strength, from their props, by carrying the ball through a series of phases, helped the boys in blue gain territory over their hosts for a few plays.

On the 23rd minute of play, Ireland’s outside centre Jude Postlethwaite, made his way past Scotland’s back row to score for Ireland, that followed with a conversion from Charlie Tector.

Scotland made their first change in the game, when Robin McClintock came off due to an injury with Kieran Clark making his way onto the pitch.

After a scrum on Scotland’s five metre line and several changes of possession, Ireland’s number 8, James Culhane, achieved their bonus point, that allowed kicker Tector to put the ball through the posts for the extra two points.

Minutes before the half time whistle, and Ireland took the score board to 33-0 as their inside centre, Ben Carson, broke through our defensive line and for an easy try, that Charlie Tector then converted.

Half Time: Ireland 33 – 0 Scotland

Moments after the second half began, Ali Rogers made his way onto the pitch to replace loosehead prop, Mikey Jones, after he was helped off from injury.

Scotland continued to press and made progress in their defence, as Max Williamson made a streak of strong hits that allowed the team to make their way up the pitch, that hoped to see Scotland make a try for themselves.

It took a while for the first try to come in the second half, but it was Ireland’s scrum-half, Matthew Devine, who seen a gap between the Scottish defence to make his way over Scotland’s whitewash, with no conversion achieved.

Keeping with the standard of play that Ireland have shown throughout all their games, they scored their seventh try on the 57th minute of play, this time by James McCormick and converted by new kicker Tony Butler.

A scrum occurred on Ireland’s 22 line, that saw Scotland make several minutes of successful passes that flew across each side of the pitch.

On the 66th minute, Scotland gained a penalty that allowed stand-off, Christian Townsend, to kick the ball just out with the hosts 5 metre line.

With Scotland edging closer to Ireland’s try line, a yellow card was then displayed to Ireland’s Jude Postlethwaite for multiple team infringements.

With ten minutes to go, Christian Townsend saw the opportunity to make a long pass over the other side of the field to winger Ross McKnight, who managed to place the ball down over Ireland’s try line, the conversion was missed by Townsend.

Ireland made their point and responded with succeeding in another try, this time made by Josh Hanlon, and then converted by Tony Butler.

Fionn Gibbons earned his second try of the night for Ireland just moments before the full-time whistle, as he placed the ball just left of the posts that made it an easy conversion for kicker, Tony Butler, to convert.

Scotland played until the bitter end, but it was Ireland that took the win in their final game in Cork, that rewarded them with the Grand-Slam title and this year’s 2022 Under-20 Six Nations Champions.

Full time: Ireland 59 – 5 Scotland

Referee: F Vedovelli (Italy).

Player of the Match: Jude Postlethwaite (Ireland)

Scotland: 15. Robin Mc Clintock; 14. Ross McKnight; 13. Duncan Munn; 12. Andy Stirrat; 11. Ben Evans; 10. Christian Townsend; 9. Murray Redpath; 1. Michael Jones; 2. Patrick Harrison; 3. Gregor Scougall; 4. Josh Taylor; 5. Max Williamson; 6. Matthew Deehan; 8. Rhys Tait CAPTAIN; 7. Tim Brown

Replacements: 16. Duncan Hood (on for Harrison 71mins); 17. Ali Rogers (on for Jones 44mins); 18. Corey Bowker (on for Scougall 59mins); 19. Innes Hill (on for Deehan 59mins); 20. Robert Gordon (on for Tait 67mins); 21. Jonty Cope (on for Redpath 57mins); 22. Thomas Glendinning (on for Mc Knight); 23. Kieran Clark (on for Mc Clintock 28mins).

Ireland: 15. Patrick Campbell; 14. Aitzol King; 13. Jude Postlethwaite; 12. Ben Carson; 11. Fionn Gibbons; 10. Charlie Tector; 9. Matthew Devine; 1. Jack Boyle; 2. James McCormick; 3. Rory McGuire; 4. Conor O’Tighearnaigh; 5. Mark Morrissey; 6. Lorcan McLoughlin; 7. Reuben Crothers; 8. James Culhane.

Replacements: 16. Josh Hanlon; 17. Oision Michel; 18. Scott Wilson; 19. Adam McNamee; 20. Diarmuid Mangan; 21. Ethan Coughlan. 22. Tony Butler; 23. Chay Mullins

live commentary 5:00 PM Sunday 20 Mar 2022

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Kick-off 5:00 PM

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