Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Scottish Rugby presents its Gender Pay Gap Reporting information -

In presenting these figures, Scottish Rugby recognises that the overall organisation’s statistics are reflective of the significant proportion of male professional rugby players and coaches included in them. These positions tend to be significantly higher paid positions than across the rest of the organisation, as a whole. As such, a further set of figures has been calculated to exclude these employees. These results are noted below:

Scottish Rugby is committed to equal pay and a transparent, open and gender balanced recruitment process. While it is recognised that there is a predominance of male employees in higher level roles, a number of key senior roles within the organisation have increasingly been filled by females. While historically, rugby has been a male dominated sport, which is one reason for the current composition of the workforce, Scottish Rugby is committed to and continues to promote and invest in the Women’s game. It is also committed to and continues to invest in both its male and female employees across the organisation. Our Equality and Inclusion plan has a dedicated ‘people strand’ which details the continued progress of initiatives within this area. The Scottish Rugby recruitment process is designed to select the person best capable to carry out any position within the organisation, irrespective of gender. Currently, 35% of Heads of Department are female.

I confirm that the calculations have been carried out accurately in accordance with The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

Andrew Healy

Finance Director

Scottish Rugby Union Ltd

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