Annual Review 2019/20

Annual Review 2019/20

Scottish Rugby has today [Thursday 19 November] published an Annual Review, detailing the past 15 months of the sport in our country, as well as information on governance and a Board report ahead of the second part of the organisation's AGM being held on Thursday 26 November.

A copy of the Annual Review will be sent to all member clubs accompanied by this message from President Ian Barr:

"I hope that everyone associated with your club is managing to cope through this unprecedented period in which we find ourselves.

The challenges presented through the Coronavirus pandemic have been monumental, with disruption to our lives on a scale barely experienced in living memory. Many of those challenges seem likely to continue for some time.

In this context, you know that we had to abbreviate and adjourn our AGM in August and that stage 2 of the AGM will take place on a digital platform on Thursday 26 November.

Ahead of Stage 2, an update on our sporting, business and governance over the past year has been produced in the form of Scottish Rugby’s Annual Review – please see the attached link.

It details, from the outset of the 2019-20 season, some 15 months’ activity in rugby across the country, from the grassroots to international level. It also contains information on governance which I hope you will find useful.

Scottish Rugby will share a presentation on our financial picture with clubs at AGM Stage 2 before accounts are formally presented and discussed at stage 3 of the AGM in December.

Instructions on how to participate in AGM Stage 2 and information on the business to be covered will be circulated separately to clubs and others entitled to attend.

We thank you for your patience and understanding and hope that your club and community continue to stay safe."


Ian Barr

President, Scottish Rugby

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