Calcutta Cup visits the Isle of Coll

Calcutta Cup visits the Isle of Coll

The Calcutta Cup made a James Bond style arrival on the Isle of Coll last weekend, travelling by train, plane and boat to make it to the island’s second edition of its annual beach rugby tournament.

The journey was more than worthwhile, with over half of the island’s 200 population in attendance at the popular event. The famous silverware made an instant impact on its arrival, with locals stating that For a small Island community on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean this was a big event, from the anticipation to the realisation the cup had actually arrived’

A better day could not have been asked for, with the sun shining down on the stunning beach-side venue. Both young and old took the chance for a photo opportunity with the Cup, in between playing in the tournament and enjoying typically warm and generous island hospitality at the bbq.

Some fantastic skills were on display with, in the words of one player, the Calcutta Cup proving ‘truly inspirational for many of the talented youngsters………who hopefully one day may hold aloft this hard fought for trophy.’

Not only did the cup take centre stage at the tournament, it also got to meet locals at the Coll Hotel, ferrymen and visitors on a boat tour as it was warmly welcomed wherever it went.

There can be no doubt of the positive impact of the visit with one local summing things up perfectly

In years to come many people will reminisce at this annual event about the time the Calcutta Cup made the journey to Coll’

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