​Scotland's National Clinical Director calls on continued support from rugby community

​Scotland's National Clinical Director calls on continued support from rugby community

Jason Leitch, National Clinical Director of the Scottish Government, has praised the Scottish rugby community for their ongoing efforts as the country works together to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

Leitch took the time to praise those involved in rugby in Scotland and asked for more of the same.

He said: “I just wanted to say to the rugby community that we’re really grateful for what you’ve done up to this point, but we need you to go further; we need you to help us more. Thank you so much for everything that you’re doing.

“From the international players and coaches, those who run the game, right down to the grassroots, the kids who play and everybody else in between, we really need you.

“We need your help, we need your support and we need your influence at this really difficult time for our country.

“I’ve noticed online that clubs and the SRU and others are really taking this so seriously. I need you to do three things if you possibly can:

  • To be examples and obey the rules, so that means staying at home unless you absolutely have to go out; it means social distancing when you do go out
  • I also need you to influence others. Many of you have huge following on social media – even amongst big networks of friends and family. So please get the message out that staying at home is what’s saving lives. It is what will protect our health service and is what will protect those who will really suffer from this virus if they catch it.
  • As clubs, help the vulnerable in the community. That might be food banks, other people around your local club or perhaps at an international level you can start to do that on a more organised scale. We really need your help with that.

“When you’re doing that, of course you have to keep yourself and your family safe at the same time so that means social distancing, it means washing your hands obsessively – all the things you’ve been hearing us talk about over the last few weeks.”

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