Gemma Fay awarded World Rugby leadership scholarship

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Gemma Fay awarded World Rugby leadership scholarship

To mark International Women’s Day on Friday 8 March, World Rugby has today announced that it has renewed its commitment to driving inspirational leadership and fast tracking the development of women in rugby on and off the pitch through its successful women’s leadership scholarship programme.

Receiving more than 100 applications globally, this year the highly sought-after World Rugby executive leadership scholarships have been awarded to 14 women from different unions.

Head of Girls’ and Women’s Rugby at Scottish Rugby, Gemma Fay, was one of the successful applications.

As part of this scholarship programme, she will be able to access funding to enable her to develop her leadership skills and work with this cohort of global colleagues for their development as a larger group.

Gemma said, “I am really excited to join this programme alongside some fantastic peers from across the world. The commitment that World Rugby is showing to women’s rugby with this leadership scholarship programme is fantastic. The increase to 14 after only 10 were awarded previously is sure to increase the promotion and development of women’s rugby on a global scale.

“The Global Development of Women in Rugby 2017-2025 strategy has so far seen great success both on and off the field, including a 28% increase in registered female players across the world. In Scotland, we also saw an increase in our female teams in 2017/2018. Scotland is very much following the trend that this programme is displaying and I am excited to be more heavily involved going forward.”

Further information on the World Rugby women’s leadership development scholarships, and the full list of recipients, can be found on the World Rugby website.

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