Greenock couple win BT Award for decade of service

Greenock couple win BT Award for decade of service

A husband and wife team have been named February BT Volunteers of the Month for their tireless work in keeping their club running smoothly.

Angela and Craig Marshall first got involved with Greenock Wanderers when their son, Tyler, began playing in primary school.

Now, more than ten years later, he turns out for the U18 team and their club support is stronger than ever, taking on tasks ranging from maintenance to cooking meals for players, coaches and supporters.

Angela, who played as hooker for the club, is often at the clubhouse seven days a week, preparing and planning meals, and has even planted a fruit and veg patch in the club grounds to provide fresh produce for team meals.

In addition to this she has played a central part in organising a number of fundraising meals and events to boost the club’s resources including theme nights and a sold-out family-friendly Hogmanay party.

Craig’s role as house convenor sees him undertake vital maintenance of the club’s facilities and make improvements to the clubhouse.

Greenock Secretary, David McIlroy, said: “There is no doubt that Angela and Craig put in a massive amount of time, work and effort just to keep Greenock Wanderers going.

“The contribution they make is beyond anything anyone could expect and their loyalty, hard work and spirit is truly inspirational.

Without them, the Club would struggle to do what it does well.”

Craig’s work with the club isn’t limited to the essential task of keeping the facilities up to date. Having previously coached minis at Greenock, he now takes an active part in match-days as well, setting up the pitch for games, preparing kit and helping out on the gate selling programmes and collecting money.

On top of feeding the teams on a daily basis, Angela has found time to set up a café for parents and makes after-school arrangements for club members prior to and following training.

Angela said: “We’re delighted to give our all for Greenock and just to be nominated for this award is a fantastic gesture from the club.

Volunteering at your local sports club can give children a chance to shine and without the people who put in hours of unpaid work a lot of local clubs would fold.”

All winners of BT Club Volunteer of the Month are invited to BT Murrayfield, with nine friends, to attend the annual Scottish Rugby Club Awards Dinner.

At the Awards Dinner, each of the winners will be in with a chance to win the BT Club Volunteer of the Season award, which will be announced on the night.

The winner of the annual award will receive a £1,000 grant for their club.

To nominate your club, a volunteer or try for the BT Awards please visit:

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