Scottish Rugby Independent Governance Review

Scottish Rugby Independent Governance Review

Following the conclusion of the Agenda 3 consultation process, Sir Bill Gammell, Chairman of Winning Scotland Foundation (founder of Cairn Energy PLC and a former Scotland internationalist) has been commissioned by the Board and Council to conduct a wide ranging, independent review of Scottish Rugby’s governance structures.

The decision to conduct a governance review was originally endorsed by the Board and Council in September last year, driven by the need to ensure that Scottish Rugby’s governance structures remained appropriate in a modern rugby environment.

In light of the rapidly evolving global rugby landscape (and with the potential for future external investment into the sport), Scottish Rugby’s governance structures must be fit for purpose to take account of the interests of all existing and future stakeholders.

Looking forward, the Board and Council have re-considered both the original process and timeframes for the review, which will now include governance, structures, roles, responsibilities and accountabilities, and will report back to the Council’s Standing Committee on Governance (independently chaired by Gavin MacColl QC) over the coming months.

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