New Governance Group set up

New Governance Group set up

Note from Scottish Rugby president, Ian Barr.

As Clubs are aware, since assuming the role of President I have been committed to setting up a new group to review all aspects of Scottish Rugby’s governance. The Scottish Rugby Council has now approved the membership and terms of reference of the Council’s new Standing Committee on Governance.

The Committee, under the independent chairmanship of Gavin MacColl QC, will be tasked with making recommendations on a structure which is fit for purpose in the modern era and setting out clearly defined roles and responsibilities for all involved in the running of our game, in line with the Nolan principles of good governance.

Governance can sound a bit abstract. But the governance of Scottish Rugby impacts on anyone and everyone involved in the game in Scotland so we must ensure there is a structure in place which allows all aspects of our organisation to operate effectively.

Governance has been a contentious issue in the past, but we now have an opportunity, and a responsibility, to implement a governance model that will take Scottish rugby forward for the foreseeable future.

What I committed to before I took up the position of President, was a fresh look at our governance, bearing in mind the challenges we face at all levels of the game, whether on the international stage or getting players out on the field for their local club.

Although the Committee and I will review the previous governance work already undertaken, it is vital we also take into consideration the new environment we find ourselves in post Covid-19.

It’s important that the Committee work effectively and quickly to come forward with our thoughts, with an aim to present recommendations to member Clubs ahead of the 2021 AGM.

Gavin MacColl QC was invited to chair this committee by the Scottish Rugby Council due to his previous experience of governance reviews and in-depth knowledge of Scottish rugby.

Gavin and I, with the Council’s approval, have worked closely on deciding the membership of the group to ensure the Committee has a wide range of business, legal and rugby experience. As well as current members of the Scottish Rugby Council and Board, Rob Flockhart (Past President) has been invited on to the Committee due to his wealth of legal and governance expertise.

Full membership of the Committee is listed below:

Gordon Thomson - Scottish Rugby Council Member
Hazel Swankie - Scottish Rugby Council Member
Ian Barr - President and Council Nominated Board Member
Julia Bracewell - Independent Non-Executive Board Member
Kenneth Knott - Scottish Rugby Council Member
Malcolm Offord - Council Member and Council Nominated Board Member
Rob Flockhart - Past President Scottish Rugby
Bobby Frazer - Scottish Rugby Council Member

The Committee will meet within the coming weeks and will consider which other people, and groups, need to be engaged with to assist in reaching the final recommendations which will ultimately be presented to our member Clubs.

You can read the Terms of Reference of the Committee here.

I am confident that with the contribution of the Committee and the support of the Clubs we can find a suitable structure to drive our game forward for years to come.

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