Rugby volunteers to receive awards at ‘digital ceremony’

Rugby volunteers to receive awards at ‘digital ceremony’

Scottish Rugby’s Regional Development Awards will be holding a digital awards ceremony this week to ensure the work of volunteers can be acknowledged despite the coronavirus outbreak.

Winners from two Scottish Rugby Regions, Caledonia North and Glasgow North will be announced via the region’s respective Facebook pages after restrictions around public events meant planned physical award ceremonies had to be cancelled.

The move to a digital awards ceremony is designed to connect as many club members and volunteers as possible and acknowledge the tremendous work done across the country by clubs and their members.

Scottish Rugby’s Regional Director for Caledonia North Chris Hildrey said: “We were excited about plans to host a traditional awards evening, but with the restrictions put in place to manage the coronavirus the team had to think creatively and while we were sceptical at first that we could hold an awards ceremony online, it quickly became a reality and may engage more people as a result.”

Scottish Rugby’s Regional Director for Glasgow North, Peter Burgon said: “Throughout our planning for the event we retained the central principle of sharing our success stories together with the whole of Glasgow North.

“Clearly our delivery method has had to change but as soon as we knew we wouldn't get together in person, we agreed that we still wanted to shine a spotlight on some fantastic individuals and share their stories as widely as possible. Hopefully this awards announcement via the Facebook Group still makes our clubs and volunteers feel valued and recognised as they are the foundation on which any success is built.”

In keeping with such occasions speeches have been written, videos produced and photographs sourced to ensure the worthy winners can enjoy their moment of glory.

Awards will be presented in the following categories via the online awards:

1. Mitsubishi Motors Volunteer of the Season in Youth Rugby

2. Mitsubishi Motors Volunteer of the Season in Schools Rugby

3. Mitsubishi Motors Young Volunteer of the Season

4. Tennent's Volunteer of the Season in Adult Rugby

With a specific prize going to the Tennent's Community Rugby Club of the Season.

To follow the awards action join:

Caledonia North Facebook page at 2pm on Friday.

Glasgow North Facebook page at 7:30pm on Thursday night.

Full results will be announced on Scottish Rugby’s channels on Friday afternoon.

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