​Scottish Rugby launches concussion awareness video

​Scottish Rugby launches concussion awareness video

Scottish Rugby has launched a new animated video to help raise awareness of the signs of concussion, how to safely support players who experience concussion and above all, promote the national guidance message of: “If in doubt, sit them out” developed with sportscotland.

The two-and-a-half-minute long video has been created to provide players, coaches, parents and volunteers with updated information on both how to recognise concussion and on how this should be managed from the time of injury through to safe return to rugby.

Gavin Scott, Head of Rugby Development said: “Scottish Rugby takes the issue of concussion extremely seriously, and it’s our hope that this new video will further demonstrate our commitment to helping our sport be as safe and enjoyable as possible for all.

“It is of paramount importance that our players, their families and volunteers within the club and school game recognise the signs of concussion and understand the Scottish Rugby Concussion Policy, but more so, those involved in the game must remember the key message is: If in doubt, sit them out” in the amateur game.”

Scottish Rugby’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr James Robson added: “I am really pleased to see the launch of the concussion support video. This new resource adds to the substantial body of work Scottish Rugby has currently implemented to educate and support those in the community game regarding concussion.

“We already insist all coaches and match officials must annually complete the ‘RugbyRight’ course which includes information on a wide range of subjects including concussion management.

“We also annually review all injury data and look to identify any injury trends that may have developed during the season. Additionally, we encourage coaches to follow World Rugby’s Activate Injury Prevention routine which been shown to reduce injuries by up to 40% and concussion by up to 60% in youth players.

“And finally, we have implemented Age Banding Policies and Age Grade Law Variations to support the reduction of injuries at key age groups.”

The video, linked below, will be sent directly to all member clubs this week proactively and will also be available to review on Scottish Rugby’s social media channels.

What is concussion?

Concussion is a traumatic brain injury resulting in a disturbance of brain function. There are many symptoms of concussion; common ones being headache, dizziness, memory or concentration disturbance or balance problems.

It can be very difficult to tell concussion apart from other more serious injuries, such as bleeding on the brain. Concussion is a serious concern, not just in rugby but in other sports and in everyday life.

The Scottish Sports Concussion Guidance was launched in 2015, making Scotland the first nation to adopt concussion guidelines for all sports. Scottish Rugby takes the issue of concussion extremely seriously.

Our Concussion Policy provides advice and guidance for clubs and schools, players and their families and the volunteers who are the heartbeat of our game. The Policy is in line with World Rugby guidance and the Scottish Sport Concussion Guidance.

Where a concern arises in the relation to the management a player who may have sustained a concussion, or where there is concern that best practice regarding concussion management is not being followed, the matter may be referred in confidence to Scottish Rugby Union’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO) at [email protected] or by phoning 0131 346 5000.

You can find Scottish Rugby's Concussion Policy HERE, with a free online World Rugby module available HERE.

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