Scottish Rugby unveils next phase of #BeTheBestYou campaign

Scottish Rugby unveils next phase of #BeTheBestYou campaign

Scottish Rugby is unveiling the next phase of its #BeTheBestYou campaign today on sportscotland’s Active Girls Day (Friday 6 October).

Since its launch in April, #BeTheBestYou has seen women and girls from across Scotland get involved in rugby, either for the first time or returning after a break, as local clubs welcome newcomers with taster training sessions.

The next phase of the campaign aims to introduce more girls in school to rugby, focussing on additional support for secondary schools for girls aged 12-17 years old. Scottish Rugby will be working with sportscotland’s Active Schools programme to deliver this.

As well as increasing the opportunities to train and play matches, #BeTheBestYou will see Scotland Women stars return to their former schools to host assemblies, to speak to pupils alongside Glasgow-based singer/songwriter Sharon Martin.

Sharon Martin helped to launch the campaign and her song, Girl (Daughter of Scotland), has become an anthem for women’s sport in Scotland.

Scottish Rugby’s Head of Women and Girl’s Rugby, Sheila Begbie, said: “Rugby is an incredibly positive and empowering activity and #BeTheBestYou has already done a fantastic job in encouraging women and girls across the country to play the game.

“Over 25 clubs across Scotland got involved since launching in April and that has translated into more opportunities for women and girls to try our sport and join their local club.

“Not only is rugby great exercise but we are lucky to have some excellent role models who exemplify the team spirit and personal development that so many players enjoy.

“We hope to see even more women and girls enjoying our sport and embracing what rugby has to offer.”

In addition to new playing and training opportunities, schools will be offered materials to encourage participation in rugby.

Active Girls Day is part of sportscotland’s Women & Girls in Sport Week and celebrates the amazing work going into girls' sport and the role models and hard-working volunteers making it happen.

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