Scottish Rugby Youth Panel talks transition

Scottish Rugby Youth Panel talks transition

The Scottish Rugby Youth Panel has launched a survey to explore the challenges young players face in transitioning from youth to senior rugby.

Formed in August 2016 to act as a voice for young people within Scottish Rugby, the panel is made up of 16 members aged 14 to 20 and has set up the ‘Player Retention Survey’ to gather information and provide feedback.

The survey, which is open until Friday 20 April, asks current and former players aged 14 to 20 about their motivations, the challenges they face and their ambitions to continue playing, coaching or officiating.

Youth Panel member Charlie Phillips said: “Rugby is a widespread and well-loved sport which attracts many young people in the early years of their sporting careers.

“However, some clubs can find it challenging to maintain participation levels when players progress to the adult game.

“We are eager to improve our understanding of this, so we are conducting this survey to help identify some of the reasons for moving away from rugby and support clubs in taking this on.”

The survey follows up on Scottish Rugby’s ‘Tackling Transition’ guidance which highlights the success of clubs in the south of Scotland in offering youth players a smooth path to adult rugby, leading to 97 per cent of players involved in tailored transition schemes continuing their involvement.

It is hoped that the ‘Player Retention Survey’ will deepen understanding of the issues surrounding retaining players and offer more insight into how clubs can take them on.

Phillips said: “Rugby offers all sorts of benefits for young people, from health and fitness to teamwork and most of all having fun.

The Youth Panel balances enjoyment with a serious purpose and we hope to make a positive contribution to rugby in Scotland over the coming years as the sport develops and this survey is a part of that.”

The survey was driven and designed by the Youth Panel with some support and advice given by Scottish Rugby’s Domestic Rugby department.

The Scottish Rugby Youth Panel meets on a regular basis to discuss current issues in rugby and how youth rugby might develop in the future.

Made up of new and experienced male and female players, club members and officials, the panel recognises the importance of taking on board the opinions of the next generation of coaches, managers and players.

Members of the panel attend a range of rugby conferences and seminars, both in Scotland and further afield, to offer their perspective on rugby in Scotland.

To complete the ‘Player Retention Survey’ please visit:

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