Betting and Anti-Corruption

Scottish Rugby supports World Rugby in its fight against corruption in rugby. Such activity is against the integrity of our game and is counter to Scottish Rugby's core principles of leadership, engagement, achievement, enjoyment and respect.

The World Rugby regulation

World Rugby Regulation 6: Betting and Anti-Corruption covers what those involved in rugby are prohibited from doing in terms of betting and corrupt practices.

Scottish Rugby’s regulation

Scottish Rugby has adopted the World Rugby Regulation into its own domestic regulations and it will be applied in respect of all betting and anti-corruption matters under our jurisdiction. Everyone within Scottish Rugby's jurisdiction must comply with this regulation.

  • Our Policy - SDR6: Betting and Anti-Corruption

    1. The Scottish Rugby Union (Scottish Rugby) acknowledges that it is obliged to comply with those Regulations Relating to the Game issued from time to time by World Rugby.

    2. Scottish Rugby recognises that World Rugby has issued a specific Regulation in respect of Anti-Corruption and Betting (WR Regulation 6). The Scottish Rugby Board (the “Board”) has adopted WR Regulation 6 to the fullest possible extent as Scottish Rugby’s own domestic regulation in relation to betting and anti-corruption matters.

    3. The Scottish Domestic Regulation 6 should therefore be read in conjunction with the WR Regulation 6 and supplements the provisions of that document.


    4. All those within Scottish Rugby’s jurisdiction are obliged to comply with the terms of both WR Regulation 6 and Scottish Domestic Regulation 6 (together herein referred to as the “Regulation”).

    Specific Prohibitions from Betting and Similar Activities

    5. In relation players, coaches, medical staff, administrators, referees and others subject to the jurisdiction of Scottish Rugby:

    5.1 Professional/Semi Professional Rugby: All those involved in any form of paid rugby (whether as a player, coach, team management member, administrator, match official or otherwise), together with their “Connected Persons” (as defined within WR Regulation 6), are prohibited from betting on any aspect of any rugby union match or competition on a worldwide basis;

    5.2 Amateur International Rugby: All those involved with amateur international rugby (including the Scottish Women’s, Age Grade and Club International teams) are prohibited from betting on any match or competition in which their team is involved (irrespective of whether they have been selected for that match or whether the tournament match concerned involves the Scottish team or not);

    5.3 Club and Grassroots Rugby: At levels of the game other than as noted above participants must not bet in relation to any aspect of any match with which they are involved.

    6. Participants are reminded that the provisions of the Regulation extend beyond the act of betting and include other prohibited corrupt practices.

    Disciplinary Matters

    7. In accordance with the provisions of the Regulation, Scottish Rugby’s Head of Regulation (or his nominee) will act as the Union’s Anti-Corruption Officer.

    8. Scottish Rugby has agreed to co-operate with World Rugby and other relevant authorities to combat breaches of the Regulation. This may include the sharing of intelligence and information relating to specific cases.

    9. In respect of any alleged offences, and at the determination of the Board, Scottish Rugby:

    9.1 May conduct its own investigation and/or hearing into the matter. Such investigation/hearing shall be conducted in accordance with the Misconduct provisions of Scottish Rugby’s Rules for Disciplinary Procedures, as modified to reflect the specific provisions of WR Regulation 6; or

    9.2 May request that World Rugby assume the conduct of the investigation and/or hearing in accordance with WR Regulation 6.12.

    Further Information

    10. Participants and their Connected Parties are encouraged to contact Scottish Rugby’s Anti-Corruption Officer if they are unclear as to any aspect of the Regulation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Betting and anti-corruption is a complex area. To assist those involved in our game we have prepared a quick summary to explain who is covered by the regulation and what they are not allowed to do under it.

  • Who is covered by the Regulation?

    The list is extensive and includes players, coaches, other team management members (medics, physios, analysts, etc.), club and Union officials and administrators, referees, discipline panel members, etc. It also includes “connected persons” of the above, being family or even friends of those involved with the game.

  • Does it only cover professional rugby?

    No. The Regulation covers all levels of the game from international rugby through to the grassroots, though different restrictions may apply depending on the level of the game.

  • Who is not allowed to bet on rugby?

    This varies depending on the level of the match:

    • Professional and semi-professional rugby: Everyone involved in any form of paid rugby, including their “Connected Persons”, is prohibited from betting in relation to any rugby union match, tournament or rugby event on a worldwide basis;
    • Amateur international rugby: Everyone involved with amateur international rugby (in a Scottish context this includes the Scottish Women’s, Age Grade (U20, U18, etc.) and Club International teams) is prohibited from betting on any match or competition with which the team is involved in. (e.g. a Scottish U20 player is not permitted to bet on any match in the Junior World Championships irrespective of whether the match involves Scotland).
    • Club and Grassroots Rugby: It is Scottish Rugby’s policy that at levels of the game other than as noted above participants should not bet in relation to any aspect of a match with which they are involved.
  • What forms of betting are banned?

    Those prohibited from betting (see above) are not allowed to participate in any form of wager on the outcome or any aspect of the game. This includes the results of matches or tournaments, the number or timing of specific occurrences during a match or tournament or the like.

  • Are there any other offences?

    Yes, there are a range of other potential offences including:

    • Corruption related to fixing: including trying to fix (or the involvement in fixing) any aspect of the game
    • Not trying: failing to perform (or trying to persuade others not to perform) to the best of their abilities
    • Misuse of inside information: including providing or asking others to provide information not generally available e.g. in relation to selection, the injury status of players (including yourself), team tactics or any other aspect of the game
    • General corruption offences involving any other threat to the integrity of the game.
  • Where can I find out more on this topic?

    Please email Scottish Rugby’s Head of Regulation, Graham Ireland, at [email protected] or call 0131 346 5004.

Education resources

World Rugby have a comprehensive online training resource.

We recommend that members of the following groups complete World Rugby's online training modules:

  • any Scottish national representative team, whether male or female, senior or age-grade, XVs or 7s
  • Scottish Rugby professional teams (including both professional teams and Elite Development Programme players)
  • Scottish Premiership first XV teams

Contact details

If you can't find the information you're looking for, have a specific query or wish to report any matter associated with betting or anti-corruption please contact Scottish Rugby's Head of Regulation, Graham Ireland, at [email protected] or call 0131 346 5004. All enquiries will be treated as confidential.

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