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News (30 April 2021)

In order to facilitate a return to play following the Covid restrictions, clubs/teams will not be required to seek specific permission to play matches during the 2021 Close Time period. Please note however that matches may only be played in accordance with Scottish Rugby's Return To Play protocols.


For player welfare reasons there is a period each year during which there is a mandatory break from playing rugby matches. This includes not just XVs but also Sevens and Tens. It also applies to age grade games. The period during which no matches are allowed is known as “Close Time”.

The Close Time Period does not apply to:

  • Touch, Tag, Wheelchair and Beach Rugby;
  • Training or gym sessions; and
  • Matches or Events for which Scottish Rugby has provided written permission.

Scottish Rugby’s Regulation

Scottish Rugby reserves the right to approve all matches and tournaments taking place within its jurisdiction. This includes in relation to any matches proposed to take place during Close Time.

These rules are further explained within our domestic regulation Scottish Domestic Regulation 16: Match Approvals and Permission to Tour. All those within the Scottish Rugby Union’s jurisdiction are required to comply with this Regulation.

Assistance in obtaining Scottish Rugby’s consent to hold a match during Close Time is available below.

Permission to Play in “Close Time”

On a case by case basis Scottish Rugby may consider applications to hold matches during the Close Time period. To apply for permission for such a match please use this form:

Please note that we are unlikely to grant approval for any match scheduled to take place after the third Sunday in June in any year.

Matches/Events Approved in the 2021 Close Time Window

The following matches / tournaments have been approved for the 2021 Close Time period:

- Please see the "News" item above.

Frequently Asked Questions

To assist those looking for more information on match approvals and permission to tour we have prepared a summary of Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact details

For queries about playing during the Summer break (Close Time) please email [email protected] or phone Nicola Murray on 0131 346 5102.

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