Mental Wellbeing

There is a strong link between sport and mental well-being. This is why Scottish Rugby is passionate in raising awareness of mental well-being, and breaking any negative stigmas which might exist around mental health.

We all have mental health – some days it is in a better place than others. Life has its ups and downs, it can be trying. Everyone deals with things differently – and that is ok!

There is greater awareness around mental health and recent evidence from Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer underlines the importance of the issue, view here.

Five ways to improve your Mental Wellbeing

Breathing Space

Scottish Rugby has partnered with Breathing Space, a free, confidential phone service for anyone in Scotland, experiencing low mood, anxiety or depression. It’s operated by NHS 24 and can be contacted on 0800 838 587. You can find more information at

Should your club be interested in promoting Breathing Space, with training bibs or banners, or hosting a workshop to raise awareness around mental well-being, please email our Player Liaison with details of your club.

What other clubs have been doing

Highland Rugby Club in Inverness shared their ‘It’s ok not to be ok’ video. Players shared their own challenges with mental health and the benefit sport can play in their lives. The club was overwhelmed by the social media uptake and the positive comments received.

“Nobody is immune to mental health, everyone struggles. So we want to be proactive in preventing mental health problems by creating an environment where everyone feels they can talk and ask for help. 90% of our rugby club has nothing to do with rugby.” Iain Chisholm, Rugby Development Officer, Highland Rugby Club.

GHA are already engaging with Breathing Space to provide help and advice for anyone in the club needing assistance with mental well-being. Breathing Space ran a session with their senior squads to break down barriers.

“Our philosophy at GHA is to provide the best support we can for all our players and those involved in all aspects of our club on and off the pitch. The club is more than the team and we want to promote positive health and wellbeing for all in the GHA family and community,” said Stuart Lang, the club’s vice-president.

Breathing Space

Breathing space offer a free, confidential phone service and online information for anyone in Scotland, experiencing low mood, anxiety or depression.

Contact Breathing Space

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