Caledonia Academy


Caledonia Academy

​The academy in Caledonia was the first of four Fosroc Scottish Rugby Academies to be launch, in October 2014, designed to nurture the best young Scottish talent to become the stars of tomorrow.

Where Caledonia led, the Borders, East and West were set to follow, with all being operational by the 2015/16 season.

Aberdeen’s Hillhead Centre is the administrative home for the Fosroc Scottish Rugby Academy in Caledonia, with Aberdeen University and the Aberdeen Sports Village partnerships combining to offer state-of-the-art facilities to the region’s top young players.

Academy-supported players:

Karen Dunbar (RHC Cougars), Angus Fraser (Dundee HSFP), Cameron Henderson (Strathallan School), Jacob Henry (Highland/Dingwall Academy)*, Megan Kennedy (Stirling County), Lucy Park (RHC Cougars), Ollie Smith (Strathallan School)*, Logan Trotter (Stirling County), Murphy Walker (Strathallan School)*, Emma Wassell (Murrayfield Wanderers).


Hillhead Centre, Aberdeen and Aberdeen Sports Village


Aberdeen University and Aberdeen Sports Village

Coaches and Staff:

Kris Burney, Brian King and Rob Anderson

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