Player Development Hub Programme 2022

Player Development Hub Programme 2022

Scottish Rugby has relaunched the Player Development Hub (PDH) programme after an 18-month hiatus due to the covid-19 pandemic.

The programme, which is considered a stepping-stone in identifying future Scottish talent, aims to support identified players in the girls’ and boys’ youth game by providing additional training and playing opportunities to develop core rugby skills, and game understanding for nominated U16 and U18 girls and U15 boys.

Across the five regions – Caledonia Midlands, Caledonia North, Glasgow North, Glasgow South and the East – 27 hubs will be in operation during April and May 2022.

The programme will be delivered by Scottish Rugby’s Rugby Development regional teams with sessions led by qualified and experienced coaches.

Aims of the programme

  • To provide nominated players with quality coaching and additional playing and training opportunities.
  • Support club and school coaches to improve the quality of their training environments.
  • Develop players and coaches understanding of the Technical Blueprint ‘The Scottish Way’
  • Engage with parents to help them support the player development process.
  • Provide an avenue for players to be identified for performance programmes.

Nomination process

Nominations can be made only by coaches who are registered on Scottish Rugby's player management system, SCRUMS.

Registered coaches on SCRUMS can nominate players by clicking 'PDH Nominations' on the SCRUMS left hand menu.

Once a nomination is submitted it cannot be altered. Information will be communicated to the players parents/guardians once/if they are accepted onto the programme.

Nominations open Tuesday 8 February 2022 and close Sunday 6 March 2022

Age groups, criteria and eligibility

  • Age groups

    The PDH programme is available only for U15 boys and U16 & U18 Girls (DOB restrictions apply - see below).

  • Player eligibility

    All players must be:

    • Current members of a rugby club or school in Scotland.
    • Be a registered player on the SCRUMS system
    • Age eligibility
      • U15 Boys - Born on or between 1 January 2007 – 31 December 2007 (1 year age group)
      • U16 Girls - Born on or between 1 January 2006 – 31 December 2007 (2 year age group)
      • U18 Girls - Born on or between 1 January 2004 – 31 December 2005 (2 year age group)
  • Nomination criteria

    The players to be nominated for the PDH programme are those who:

    • Are ready to engage in a challenging development programme.
    • Show an appetite to develop themselves.
    • Are committed to their rugby development and work hard both at club / school training and in their own time.
    • Will add value to others in the programme.
    • Can perform the basic skills consistently and competently (pass, hand-catch, tackle, offload).

    In addition, nominated players should demonstrate all of the areas below.

    MentalPhysical, technical & tactical
    * Has a deep engagement and passion for the game.
    * Shows a high level of commitment and effort to their own development
    * Has a significant impact on the game when playing with peers.
    * Possesses a high level of skill and/or physical presence when compared with peer group.
    * Understands the principles of the Technical Blueprint, 'The Scottish Way'.
    What does this look like?What does this look like?
    * Works hard to develop their skills
    * 'Coachable'
    * Seeks feedback
    * Positive impact on games and in training
    * Uses a variety of skills in both attack and defence

    Special consideration should be given to the points below when discussing which players to


    • Players who are born throughout the age range and not just the oldest (who are likely to be more physical mature and have had more exposure to rugby).
    • Late developers who are going through puberty late comparing to the peers.
    • Front row players who may not be as skilful (yet) as their peers, but who show an appetite for playing their position.

    For further information on the player development hub programme, coaches should contact their Regional Manager.


  • Why does the programme have a 1 January eligibility cut off?

    1 January is used by World Rugby and Rugby Europe for all representative programmes. It is important for the programme to be consistent with these, as some players will progress into the performance programmes.

  • Will players be provided feedback?

    Players will receive continuous verbal feedback from coaches during sessions. At the end of the programme, each player will receive written feedback on their progress, and key areas for them to develop moving forwards. This information will be sent onto the players’ coach and parent/guardian for their information.

  • How will player be selected for the programme?

    All nominated players will be selected for the programme and may be invited to take part in additional sessions and festivals.

    Additional players may be brought into the programme once it has commenced, if there is a lack of availability or injury.

  • Which coaches will deliver the programme?

    All coaches will be UKCC Level 2 (minimum) qualified, with many either UKCC level 3 and/or PE teacher trained. All sessions will be delivered towards a national curriculum linked to the Technical Blueprint ‘The Scottish Way’.

  • What medical provision is there at sessions and festivals?

    All sessions which involve full contact will have a qualified physio present. The physio’s role is to deal will any injuries picked up during the session, and not to deal with pre-existing injuries.

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