Senior Scottish Futures

Scottish Futures is a performance player development programme with a focus on rugby skills, game understanding, and behaviors needed to succeed in a high-performance rugby environment.

About the programme

Scottish Rugby launched the Scottish Futures U20 programme in 2018, and after three successful seasons, has now transitioned into the Senior Scottish Futures programme.

The Senior Scottish Futures Programme is an invitation based adult individual performance development programme, that supports players to deliver their potential and progress into high-performance rugby environments.

The programmes aim is to support those players over 18, with the potential to play for Scotland. With a focus on the physical demands, tactical decision making, technical skill and positive behaviours at a relevant age and stage. Players deliver these core areas of performance development as a part of a team, through training camps and international game opportunities.


Programme selection will be based on invitation to attend selection camps held on the 12th and 19th December 2021.

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